GoVertical presents

Blockchain Startup Ideation Workshop

Hosted by TiE Seattle & Madrona Venture Labs

Final Results

We’re very pleased to announce the winners from the Go Vertical Blockchain event!

We had a great weekend with our participants, mentors, volunteers and judges.  It was a really interesting mix of technology, product and business professionals coming together to be creative and work on innovative new blockchain  business ideas.  We all made a lot of great new contacts and friends while working long hours, eating great food and enjoying stunning views from Madrona’s offices. We really appreciate everyone’s help and participation!  Can’t wait for the next ‘Go Vertical’ event.

"The Ideation Workshop is a real opportunity to pitch an idea and find a team of talented individuals who are interested in building it with you. Even after the weekend is over!" 

"Love the energy and entrepreneur nurturing environment of Madrona Venture Labs." 

"There was a lot of interesting projects, smart people and good food involved. Would definitely come again!"

"One of the best hackathons I have ever attended."


A blockchain escrow platform that makes real estate transactions simple, risk-free, and transparent

Team: Navid Hosseini, Jai Sim, Abbas Guvenilir, Tana Feliz, Bryan Landau, Alex Day


A marketplace for AI on the Blockchain

Team: Besir Kurtulmus, Kate Mitselmakher, Kenny Daniel, Ram Poornalingam, Naveen Nunna


Your Pet, Your Data, The Most Secure Pet Chain

Team: Daniel Blackburn, Chris Fong, John Sechrest, Imran Peerbhai

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