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Hyperledger Resources

These resources will help you understand Hyperledger and get you started building your own app.

What is Hyperledger

  1. Official Hyperledger Fabric blockchain documentation.  It includes getting started doc, Concepts, Tutorials, Architecture, and Troubleshooting FAQ:

  2. Official Hyperledger Composer documentation. It includes key concepts, installation steps, tutorials and development guidelines:

Git Repositories and Playground

  1. Hyperledger Fabric repo:

  2. Hyperledger Fabric Client SDK for Node.js:

  3. Hyperledger Composer online playground:

Other Resources

  1. IBM Marbles Demo app repo (using native Chaincode development with Golang):

  2. IBM Blockchain foundational presentations (blockchain concepts, architecture, solutions, intro to HyperLedger):

  3. IBM Blockchain Labs presentations (sample applications):

  4. IBM Decentralized-Energy Demo app repo (using Composer development with Javascript):

  5. Hyperledger Fabric Explainer Video:

  6. Hyperledger Composer Introductory Video:

  7. Benefits of using Hyperledger Composer Video:

  8. Slides: Technical introduction to Hyperledger Fabric v1.0 architecture:

  9. Rocket chat, an online resource for posting and answering questions:

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