Go Vertical
Startup Creation Workshop

Hosted by MVL & TiE Seattle


Welcome to the FAQ! If you have additional questions, please contact us.

What is the purpose of the GoVertical Startup Creation Workshop?

The purpose of the Startup Creation Workshop is to help jump start the formation of new companies based around innovative technologies. In total we have held six workshops to date. Over 36 teams and 200 participants have participated in all the workshops. 2 companies have emerged from these workshops that have secured Series A funding.

If I am an existing Startup, can I apply to be accepted into the event?

We will accept existing startups into the startup as long as they haven’t released their product into the market.

How much will the event cost? Can I get a refund if I am not able to attend?

The ticket to the Startup Creation Workshop, which includes admission to the kickoff event, costs $99. Students are eligible for discounted $25 tickets.

How do I prepare for the Startup Creation Weekend?

If you are planning on pitching an idea for the event, you should be prepared to provide a one minute pitch at the Kickoff event. Otherwise, no specific preparation is required. It is mandatory for the Startup Creation Workshop participants to attend the kickoff event as the ideation and team formation will start at the kickoff event.

How is the event structured?

We will host a kickoff event Oct 21, 2022 to hold a Pitch fest and form teams around the best startup concepts. It is mandatory for participants to attend the kickoff event as the ideation and team formation will start at the kickoff event. Participants are encouraged to bring their own ideas and pitch them to other participants. Participants then get to vote on which idea they want to work on. Once the teams are formed, they can start collaborating on developing the business plan and prototype for their startup concept. We will establish a Slack channel to connect all the team members with each other.

By Sunday, Oct 23rd, teams should have finalized their business plan presentation and application prototype to present to a distinguished panel of judges who will select the top 3 winning concepts. Each of the winning teams will receive exciting prizes from our sponsors.

How much time will I get to pitch my idea at the Kickoff event, and what information should I include in my pitch?

You will get 60 secs to pitch your idea. You should start by introducing yourself. Next, you should describe what problem you plan to solve and the product idea you have in mind to solve the problem. You should also have a name in mind for your startup so people can easily vote to join your team.

What are the rules for participating in this event?

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions outlined on our website.

Will the organizers own IP in any companies that are formed as a result of the Startup Creation Weekend?

No, the organizers will not own any IP or have any ownership interest in the resulting companies. Our goal is to encourage the formation of new tech companies in the Seattle area. Companies are, however, free to partner with Madrona Labs or TiE Seattle post the workshop if they wish to obtain help in incubating their company. In that case, they should apply to these programs and discuss the terms of such a partnership.

Will the organizers provide funding for any companies that emerge from the event?

The organizers provide mentorship or incubation programs that can help jumpstart promising companies that emerge from the Ideation workshops. Please contact Madrona Venture Labs and TiE Seattle for further details.

If you have additional questions, please contact us.