GoVertical presents

Vertical ML/AI Startup Creation Weekend

Hosted by Madrona Venture Labs & TiE Seattle

Final Results

We’re very pleased to announce the winners from the Machine Learning event!

We had a great weekend with our participants, mentors, volunteers and judges.  It was a really interesting mix of technology, product and business professionals coming together to be creative and work on innovative new machine learning business ideas.  We all made a lot of great new contacts and friends while working long hours, eating great food and enjoying stunning views from Create33. We really appreciate everyone’s help and participation!  Can’t wait for the next ‘Go Vertical’ event.

"An immersive experience of what it takes to build an idea from passion to pitch"

"GoVertical is the most well structured, well run startup creation event that I have seen in Seattle or U.S."

"Unlike other hackathons, GoVertical pushed us to build a business case that could stand up alongside the product. That practice was invaluable and it pushed our team over the top."

"Great event for networking purposes and really hear out ideas from different fields of people that you normally won't see."


Construction – Injury avoidance

Team: Zeeshan Zia, Kuleen Mehta, Taylor Bevis, Jeremy Diamond, Zhen Liu, Imran Peerbhai, Julian Loaiza


Healthcare – procedure price comparison

Team: Satyajeet Parakh, Milind Padhaye, Sourabh Sinha, Prashant Bhatia, Eva Monsen

EZ Payday Loans

Fintech – Low interest loans for the “unbanked”

Team: Bryan D'Souza, Bulbul Sharma, Himanshu Tayal, Sheridan Grant, Shaminder Singh Ragi